Broken Window

Let the sunlight seep through broken window

Let it graze the chalk white room with its presence

It makes my skin feel warmth

With warmth my skin tingles

The place where I lay is cold and wet

And with this feeling I mingle

Of the dark night that besieged me

I carry on my shoulders, the weight of the thousands bad luck

And certain explosion of light at dawn

I see St. Patrick’s drive by the kerb of the road

Hallucination or mirage

My mind is gazing at this fine art

A dust of morning hue, a sparkle of single star

With fluorescent lights dimmed by the night

I sense a valley off the broken window

I suffer the cold breeze by the broken window

And through all the contentment and purity of the dream

I can only relive through this day,

The image of the broken window


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