I’m Mesmerized

My world strewn around me
Enchanting me, as always I’m mesmerized
Words through ink are flowing on paper
The scent of the old book is heavenly, I’m mesmerized
A tap on wood and my gaze is bleary but looks up
A total stranger is invading my solitude, I’m mesmerized
A little disconcerting at first you seem
A bit of thudding heart of mine needs to redeem, I’m mesmerized

My fingers tremble as I turn the page
My shy nature is curious of, who thou be?
But I’m a damage soul
I don’t allow myself this kind of naivety

Around us, every foot scuttle, making their own way
However he sits immersed, he has no care to pay

He is enigmatic, he is sun
If I touch him I know I’ll be burnt
I know it’s better to leave, before he sees
A mousy girl bewildered under light beam

He’s a Rodini’s “The Thinker” in a trance
Innate shadows outlining his eyes
Topaz or Amber those eyes, I cannot decide

The gold in his iris is gleaming dream
Brooding in reverie of past redeem
I tried to cajole the faith, but I’m mesmerized

I’m on the verge of falling and angels are ready to rise
I have a surge of stalling
When met by impassivity of time

The way his finger touch his face, I’m mesmerized
The way hard lines shields the pain, I’m mesmerized
The sheath not able to hide gold in your eyes, I’m mesmerized

Clenching my eyes shut
Baring my soul to null
Confounded of what I’m able to see
In the world of laughter we exist
Brooding solitary a plight, a humane subsist

In that moment I look up
There’s a link forming between our eyes,
Thine fate is mine,
I’m mesmerized.


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