I have

I have seen bluest of the day
And greyest of the night
Simple facts of nature enthrals my sensibility

I have swam deepest of the ocean
And walked highest of the mountain
The sun-kiss everywhere is as charismatic as blazing

I have prayed to mightiest of God
And lived as non-believer the other days
The existence of us and life is my sanctity


I filter out the world

Idle Gazette-The Thoughts of Nincompoop

I filter out the world,

I filter out the word ;

They bespoke to me.

I found my sweet surrender,

I found it in gentle nature of thee.

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Happily Ever

Idle Gazette-The Thoughts of Nincompoop

I feel tired,I feel jaded

I feel like pack of nerves smoking cigarettes.

I need answers,I need space

I need happily ever lifestyle’s taste.

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Idle Gazette-The Thoughts of Nincompoop

What is my privilege ?

What worth do I carry?

Not born with a silver spoon;

However in semi-private room of private hospital.

Slept on a feathered bed ,

A roof over my head always there,

Saying no to food was a sin towards God,

But not crime against life on the ground.

Hellish travesty existed in form of petty homework,

While there was a friend working in cinders,

Blessed she felt to have work and have roof over head,

living in production factory of her kin,

Another child was weighed on scale of care and labour.

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Once I dreamt

Idle Gazette-The Thoughts of Nincompoop

Once i dreamt that Lions were roaming free in my neighbourhood park,

No correction they were petted by families and their roar turned into bark.


Once I dreamt waddle of penguins were chasing me off ice land,

No correction they were scampering as the peak of iceberg turned into sand.


Once I dreamt someone breathed venomous black, their flesh turned into tar,

No reality is people breathe toxic chemicals everyday, inhumane humanity how far?

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Colour Me

Idle Gazette-The Thoughts of Nincompoop

Colour me a pretty life with lots of sun and rainbows

Colour me a gentle light in times of worry protect me from shadows

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O Wild Flowers

O wild flowers! of spring season,

I envy your vivd colours;

I envy your vibrant nature,

And i envy your unyielding eccentric stature,

Your beauty cannot be out reasoned.


Fluttering you mingle with sky,

plucking you from you habitat;

and putting in a vase is a crime,

you are featherbed to cold hard earth,

you are the smile to an old man,

you are chirp to song of bird…

And and you are an ode to love.