Today I am not sewing a dress Maa

Today I am not sewing a dress Maa

Instead I am breaking the seams off

Causing flair to fall and threads to be visible


Today i am not walking alone Maa

Instead in the crowd with monotonous walk

Causing myself to blend in without standing out


Today I realised Maa, words cut deeper

scarring the delicate flesh

engraved on heart, I am bruised


Today I break rules Maa

Not listening or caring

I’m breaking through the waves

Clashing with the winds of doubt


So one day I’m not the one to listen..

“Today I am not sewing a dress Maa

Instead I am breaking the seams off “


The Belief

Morning sun is like a warm hug in this cold weather,

A cup of coffee is not enough anymore,

To mellow this angst-filled(distressed) soul,

Trembling hands try to find something to hold on to,

Dithered, it misses support and falls into quicksand

Still tarried the heart believes…

In worry of future it still does not forget.

Archaic, tired limbs carry the reverie

Pushover but not one to give up,

It cannot help ; the promise is made and hope tethered,

Don’t be burdened weary knight,

Even if the trigger pulls I’ll be waiting at start,

In the darkest night waiting for brightest star,

Tarried the heart still believes.


When sound of pitter patter on the window. She knew it is rhythm of rain cleansing dust and chemical mangled with air. The environment is in tiff circulating between guns and roses. Heady from wildness of social life where everyone licks their fur to look pretty or changes colours to blend in. Her mind was at peace she had found her destiny.In night a dream whisperer, spoke softly in her ears. Speaking sweet nothings he would always take away her fear. The dreams were vivid like reality into play. They convinced her they would be her reality some day.Constellations she had seen , people she had met were similar in many ways. In those moments, she was sure the line between dream and reality can be crossed. So she convinced herself to be fearless to face reality head on and wait for dreams to become her serendipity.

A Second Chance 

Do you get second chance in life?

A second chance to do it all over again

Sans fear Sans anxiety 

Sans spec of dirt collected on memory


If we do let’s make our aims befitting

Because I have already created a beautiful frame

Now all I need is befitting image

Miracles happen I have heard about them too

This would be my miracle if my dreams come true

Fallen Leaf / RIP Grandpaa

As I was on the bridge, I saw sun from rearview mirror 

You were there too, enjoying ice cream together

Both of you were finally in peace

No unpleasant feelings for each other

I discovered; a new morning, a new bright day

And it was the fallen leaf on the mirror 

When I was told you stopped breathing air

Now you can travel be more then you were

Finally you said goodbye and I let you go

Now you breath peace and I heard

you were were walking towards the sun

As I moved ahead, you are more than you were

Fascination With Stars


When everything is bleak and you fall asleep,

In night inside a wagon by the window seat,

A sudden lurch wakes you to a screech and a gasp,

Bewildered eyes look up at sparkling heavens,

The majestic night and stardust with it’s magical lustre,

I am spell bound a cut is closed through times suture


A benign being ready to leave

To place before she has never seen

With a thank you and smile she greets strangers

Ready to fly across the land to newest adventure

Not knowing her fate with hopeful eyes

She is on magical carpet over charcoal sky

A little wounded nevermind, riding with hope so high

She see gleaming trinkets over silver clouds

A story of her magical flight


A blink of an eye a starry light

A gleaming light gone with blink of an eye

Miracle it is, I saw a shooting star when least expected

Hopeful again my heartbeat has escalated

Kyu(Why) the question living in my dreams

I wished upon a star the dream would come to me

Rambled Thought #11

Hiking at Mt. Ida,Rocky Mountain National Park

Hiking at Mt. Ida,Rocky Mountain National Park

Right now all I can think of how everything will change

My thoughts, the view, the people and their beliefs

My whole world will take 180 degree turn

Even though I’m still standing on even ground