Daughter of Eve

The realm we live in or the monarch of the past

All hold an allegory in their cradle with a veil dressed over truth

A raven flying high to the window of a fair maiden

On the window pane glass of broken shards

An upheaval running through veins into heart

A sniffle follows with a promise to be strong

A shallow grave or shallow mind is the same

From the place she belongs, she is the daughter of eve


A brave heart, a valiant martyr is known to be ‘the Great Adam’

One with heart of stone, living with pride and wisdom of gold

Loyalty to the history he forms moving ahead, don’t look back

Daughter of Eve, bare foot tries to find a way in

In the heart of Adam, so he can see

Sunrise in the morn, the way she sees

Luminous moon in the night, the way she feels

She cowers to be damsel in distress; she seeks courage of lion heart

In reflection of mirror she seeks the gold of his eye

The rebuff to her attempt leaves her cold in light


Daughter of eve wants to wriggle out of the sheath of her skin

Like Father like Daughter, she paves her road with pride

Stung by rebuffs stumbles on the rocky path

She moves on, she moves on

Alike a Lionheart, she faces the fear, stigma of being fairer sex

Her bow shaped lips turn into fine line

Her eyes are clouded with determination filled in mind

The blackbird on her shoulder she marches forward


She dress as a warrior with sword in hand

She looks him in the eye and takes a stand

Resilient is she, ardor to stay

She’ll pay him back on the battlefield alone she fence

Against the Lucius, the fiend and his own intolerance

She cries like a warrior, she is a poet and an intellect


Blackbird her friend for life, wisdom of his whispered in her ears

Yet through the years her purpose of life stays the same

In the eye of Adam it never changed

Whatever she is, whatever she could be

The story remains the same throughout the history

In the end Adam always misunderstand she

She the caged soul, Daughter of Eve


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