O Wild Flowers

O wild flowers! of spring season,

I envy your vivd colours;

I envy your vibrant nature,

And i envy your unyielding eccentric stature,

Your beauty cannot be out reasoned.


Fluttering you mingle with sky,

plucking you from you habitat;

and putting in a vase is a crime,

you are featherbed to cold hard earth,

you are the smile to an old man,

you are chirp to song of bird…

And and you are an ode to love.


State of Mind

Lipstick stain on coffee cup

Vivid colours but blurred dreams

As I turn in to new leaf

Impressions on my hand of spilled ink


Shadows are prevalent in light

Darkness is loneliness companion

Even in the world full of light

I carry it within me


Today I am not sewing a dress Maa

Today I am not sewing a dress Maa

Instead I am breaking the seams off

Causing flair to fall and threads to be visible


Today i am not walking alone Maa

Instead in the crowd with monotonous walk

Causing myself to blend in without standing out


Today I realised Maa, words cut deeper

scarring the delicate flesh

engraved on heart, I am bruised


Today I break rules Maa

Not listening or caring

I’m breaking through the waves

Clashing with the winds of doubt


So one day I’m not the one to listen..

“Today I am not sewing a dress Maa

Instead I am breaking the seams off “

The Belief

Morning sun is like a warm hug in this cold weather,

A cup of coffee is not enough anymore,

To mellow this angst-filled(distressed) soul,

Trembling hands try to find something to hold on to,

Dithered, it misses support and falls into quicksand

Still tarried the heart believes…

In worry of future it still does not forget.

Archaic, tired limbs carry the reverie

Pushover but not one to give up,

It cannot help ; the promise is made and hope tethered,

Don’t be burdened weary knight,

Even if the trigger pulls I’ll be waiting at start,

In the darkest night waiting for brightest star,

Tarried the heart still believes.

A Second Chance 

Do you get second chance in life?

A second chance to do it all over again

Sans fear Sans anxiety 

Sans spec of dirt collected on memory


If we do let’s make our aims befitting

Because I have already created a beautiful frame

Now all I need is befitting image

Miracles happen I have heard about them too

This would be my miracle if my dreams come true

Fallen Leaf / RIP Grandpaa

As I was on the bridge, I saw sun from rearview mirror 

You were there too, enjoying ice cream together

Both of you were finally in peace

No unpleasant feelings for each other

I discovered; a new morning, a new bright day

And it was the fallen leaf on the mirror 

When I was told you stopped breathing air

Now you can travel be more then you were

Finally you said goodbye and I let you go

Now you breath peace and I heard

you were were walking towards the sun

As I moved ahead, you are more than you were

Nightmare Vs. Dreams

Little more I am, Little less you see   

A prophetic impression makes me a seer

A silly dream of trumpet playing bear 

A causative scene of fascinating belief


Falling galaxies and consuming nebula

Then i’m near but with fear I carry

A wretched word ‘solitary’ 

Can push a person into dark


But dark recedes and light replete

 Into bones within soul whims secede  

I’m enlightened, I’m worthy

Not worried your believes cannot chain me

I break the shackles to make a point


Out of my nightmare into my dreams I find

My reality, an omen of my blissful time