The Path I Follow

The path I follow….is lit with moonbeam 

Surrounding area is filled with darkness 

But the path I can see clear

On horizon, mist is settled

Many have been on this path

Only few could make it through

I will be one of the few

‘Coz the path I follow is lit with moonbeam 

The path I follow is lit for me.


A Second Chance 

Do you get second chance in life?

A second chance to do it all over again

Sans fear Sans anxiety 

Sans spec of dirt collected on memory


If we do let’s make our aims befitting

Because I have already created a beautiful frame

Now all I need is befitting image

Miracles happen I have heard about them too

This would be my miracle if my dreams come true

If the shoe fits…

When the morning light hits 

and time slits, tired eyes flutter open

Ready for another day; same old routine

Mellow life chaotic mind ready to explode

Acting benign…

In their paradigm I suffer the loss of outsider

Working hard to find but they test my character

Interrogating into manipulative destruction
Fall now,not I, move my feet on set path

I have a goal and a dream 

not bent to be your slave, stereotypical fella!
If destiny conspires I’ll become my wish

If thoughts are on fire I will find nirvana within

Not damsel to be played , not a trickster to fiend with

Seldom you seek but not a story of Matilda

But If the shoe fits …I’ll become Cinderella

Lifetime to Go

On a train ride towards a child’s dream,

I sat by the window searching for shadow in whimsical leak

Came through the door an old woman with naive glee

I was stupefied so was the girl next to me 

You see the woman was not ordinary 

Her chocolate coloured skin was wrinkled, I agree

Her hunched shoulders and wavered walk was time-weary, i agree

However she was not carrying world on her shoulder but living the world

Don’t you see, Don’t you agree, How different she is

Girl next to me was mesmerised by her so she asked “So radiant. How old is you?”

“Only 80.” was her sassy reply. 

A beret hat, red jeans and bling’d poncho she wore

And she was telling her “Only 80” as if there is lifetime and more

In the end I smiled and then pondered can it be my truth too

Can I be happier with time passing and lifetime to go?


What is on your mind that is heavy to your heart?

The scar on your soul that is an itch to your conscience

Darling! I warned you this is road less travelled

You cannot hope your home will be at every other station

The indefinite search for a purpose

The infinite thirst without a reason

Settle in! They told you to be

Figuring out you were just gambling

Darling! I warned you the road is less travelled

Like a dog you cannot whine for love

Like a lion you cannot climb to the top

Settle in! They told you to be

Figuring out you were still gambling

Navigating and finding then lost at the start

Blushing and harrumphing you are pushing through dark

In the end you join your hands and settle to pray

Darling! I warned you the road is less travelled

One is enough for you to yield and stay.

Fascination With Stars


When everything is bleak and you fall asleep,

In night inside a wagon by the window seat,

A sudden lurch wakes you to a screech and a gasp,

Bewildered eyes look up at sparkling heavens,

The majestic night and stardust with it’s magical lustre,

I am spell bound a cut is closed through times suture


A benign being ready to leave

To place before she has never seen

With a thank you and smile she greets strangers

Ready to fly across the land to newest adventure

Not knowing her fate with hopeful eyes

She is on magical carpet over charcoal sky

A little wounded nevermind, riding with hope so high

She see gleaming trinkets over silver clouds

A story of her magical flight


A blink of an eye a starry light

A gleaming light gone with blink of an eye

Miracle it is, I saw a shooting star when least expected

Hopeful again my heartbeat has escalated

Kyu(Why) the question living in my dreams

I wished upon a star the dream would come to me

Rambled Thought #11

Hiking at Mt. Ida,Rocky Mountain National Park

Hiking at Mt. Ida,Rocky Mountain National Park

Right now all I can think of how everything will change

My thoughts, the view, the people and their beliefs

My whole world will take 180 degree turn

Even though I’m still standing on even ground