The Good Woman

She walked among millions, in no way one in a million

Her fair countenance flawed but not dithered

Her mind speaks through her heart’s rhythm

Befallen is she in a dream convinced, its fabrication to redeem

But reality ought not to redeem a dream ever so sweet

The brazen sun leaves her seeing the red spots

Yet every time she gazes at sun enchanted and caught

Never had she been so determined to smile as her skin burnt

She stands under the open sky and warm sun

A soft breeze malevolently touched her cheeks

She wrapped her arms around, with a thought in mind

Solace is fair and just, solace creeps under nerve-filled mirth

Her skin feel stretched she wants to crawl out of her bones

Yet destiny plays, it has something else in stored

When a good woman cries, her tear can leave entire world torn

When a good woman tears, an entire world is scorned

A bubble is popped when a voice is raised

Yellow light blinks as wagon is set a flayed

Fear is grieving a hope has born, an idea that leaves her stun in form

Never is she leaving a footprint in the sand, eyelids shut, she is damned

Devil may cuss , Heavens may plead,

Yet good woman laughs and they are deceived.






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