Beauty in Vain

On the coast of life’s verge

Pale beauty of sun is like a shadow

Now ‘tis sparkle of dust covering dark blue sky

Let my arms open’s wide, I want to welcome you in

But my heart is hesitant, my past holds on to my every inch

Persistent as I can ever be I try stop playing this game

I lay down my cards before you; I want to drop this poker face

Stung by the poisonous apple of my Eden

Heaven of mine is decayed, a soulful goodbye to heart

I need forgiveness of time, for my unholy start

The moon glow is sumptuous, forming a sagacious halo

Tidal waves beat into the shore, let no word utter be shallow

Hold my hand till the courage come, sooth my hair till braver I become

Don’t let whore of scenery leave you undone, look at my face don’t leave me burnt

Sit with me for a moment, give me a chance before presumptuous snide

Talk to me hold on to my plight

‘Coz beauty is vain, till the lover is naïve


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