Dear Friend,
What shall i say…this picture may be blurred and not a masterpiece but the emotions in it ,are real.It suggests a good memo1461231_10151763052546820_708010277_nry can put a blanket on hard times. It reminds me that no matter where i am, how different we are still it is panoramic. The smiles, the glee, the simplicity, and lot of hope. To stand there together on highway or metaphorical crossroads. We are different so different. Anubhuti Sharma you are rock solid personality extrovert, bubbly and totally at ease with yourself. Erum Khan you may not realize but you are our wall, you are subtle, feminine and a total sweetheart. I am self confessed loner, moody and still finding my way. These differences should drive us apart but it is what keeps us together. How? I ask this everyday maybe its because we have seen our share of dark times, maybe we can share those secrets, maybe we can empathize or maybe all three of us have tendency to try and protect our loved ones from it. I don’t have any conclusive answer but I feel comfortable with you guys. This is easier for me to say I cherish this friendship for its truthfulness and for its battles.

A Perfect Memory

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