Empty Room


She was livid with her anxiety and things surrounding her. The culpable silence was limitless and echo of her thoughts made her cringe as if it sounded of high-pitched noise mic and not her own the mind tormenting her.  She cupped her ears and pressed her lips together still a stray tear made the way down length of her cheek and to the tip of her mouth. For once she didn’t want to feel and suffer as either the one in wrong or the one wronged. A perfect balance of karma and conscience are the only things she wants to suffer from but life cannot be lived in perfect balance. Like a soul never enters a body with a purpose to serve until it goes through series of event and choices in life that soul creates its destiny. People will only know what they think is true. Through life experiences it is really difficult to not hold on to one’s prejudice especially when it’s convenient. She needs to stop with self-pity as once a loved one gruffly and bluntly told so she did. And she knew they were right it will not help her if she keeps feeling sorry for herself and not look beyond torment  empty room. The heart will sting and be squished but she has to open her conscience. The hurt will subside and memory will live afterwards. You will always be remembered as the other person will want to remember you. Life is big glob of grey area and choosing sides (black or white) is difficult and somewhat tad impossible. As she wiped away stray tears she realised she can just try to give her best. If people think she did something wrong she could either work her whole life begging them to see her point and try make amends or she could learn from the situation ,deal with it and live right.


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