Dear Reality

“The cloud will always be white and not cotton candies.

The grass will always be the colour of green and not bubble gum pink

And  the man will always have to be rational and  real

But dreams can be sanctuary where men and women can be true”


Dear Reality,

In the midst of all confusion (created by you), I hope you are sound and doing practically well. From the beginning of our relationship things have been quiet ambiguous and filled with torment. To be precise you have acted like a total nincompoop and as always you were the party-pooper. The person had a vision and you had to be smartest conscience in the room. Though you may think your logical influence was impeccably correct and successful. What you are forgetting while lifting those rose colored glasses off is that maybe your light is too harsh. Maybe sometimes rose-colored glasses are there so we can avoid your centre of galaxy persona.

Why is it such a big deal with you that the one lives under your limit? Hey! Sometimes you don’t have to act like an uptight high street jerk. You need to loosen up a bit and let yourself be charmed when a little child believes in magic and fairies. Think..what you and i can do if you stop with the lone crusade of making world safe and dreary. People need logic and sensibility to moved ahead in life without making a bad choice, I accept that.  All i say if they do not dare, be creative and let their imagination run wild, I cannot see them building an Eiffel tower, or coming up with the theory of relativity. After all to make this work all  you have to do is letthe wheels of your mind churn beyond your comfort zone. Even if i wanted to stop I cannot stop dreaming and hoping against all rationale thought will still not help my case because i have seen men fly. I have stepped on the moon. And I have even fall to the ground bruised and scarred terrified. But i still wish upon a shooting star. I still have seen the comet.



Hope you understand my need to vent and sabotage you from time to time.


Yours Sincerely,

Not so important Dreamer


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