The illiterate night keeps an ensemble of stars and moon under wrap

Not a tremor or spark could peek out of its thick blanket hidden they are, so well

The darkness is heavy and grave even the shadows are afraid to escape into the light

Certain subjugation of situation demands me to dwell no more;it’s no longer easy to empathize

I’ve forgotten to feel beyond numbness as everything comes to a moot point

Forging a silent companionship i let the darkness consume my soul

I cannot count on my fingers the several nights I lay awake as dreams became sour

Until the clouds turned grey against depth of silent night

It broke the barricade let the little droplets of rain splattered on my window

I cannot guess the days that went by where tick of clock wasn’t inferno

Now cascading down the rivulets of water are putting away the flame

Oh insolent night! Do you suffer like many do when lost in a maze?

The light will shine again and the smell of whiskey will deplete

I hope to feel the ray of light and soon I may get a chance to redeem

Yet the beauty of night in it’s darkest hour is not easy to unseen


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