The Face

Note : The idea is to read the complete poem as a whole together.Thank you. 🙂

Cowering in the shadows hiding his countenance

De facto lurking close to dark alleys as people walk by

Rebuff advances when street lamp illuminates cold night

Moving closer to walls he was no closer to human touch

Observing with prolong inner silence he studied their laugh, shouts, and cry

Solitary confinement was self imposed in act of masochism

Or was he shunned by society’s paradigm in act of sadism

Nothing known, not foretold was his anecdote lying in dirt

A scar ran from neck down to inside of his yellow shirt

Grim teeth set asymmetrical placed on chapped lip

Clamping on perfection of past memories is toxic

Clambering to make peace with ivory skin

Blazed was he but never fond of light

Frosty was his gaze, beastly like

Aware was he of abysmal fate

Invisible on life stage

Ignorant he played

“The Face”


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