Little Girl

Taking cold comfort in the arms of dreams

Willing to shut reality for what could have been

Little Girl! Life is no teddy bear

Cuddling it every night wouldn’t make it better

Little Girl! Leave behind the dreams to fly

The dew on grass is assertion of emotions

And walking on it, your soul will soar high

Little Girl! Take a deep breath don’t believe so fast

Sometimes to not believe is winner over liar past

Find a path where you can see the truth

Romanticize those thoughts where stronger you stood

Little Girl! Don’t tear if you are wounded or bruised

Put a band-aid and leg it, dance on unconventional tune

Prisoned are not your thoughts set it free

Caged are you not pin that bubble

Inside you is war…Beware! An explosion is coming

Little Girl! Prince Charming is also lost in crescendo of his brooding

Speak up! and pave your way through

You are not Damsel in distress but a Princess


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