Fairytale or Her: The Magic of Fantasies or Pragmatism of Real Life

When I was a little girl, naïve that I was at heart I viewed world differently. To my gentle eyes the fairytale my Maa and Grandmaa told me were absolutely fantastic. The princesses in these stories were the most cherished characters of mine with every demon and dragon slayed more enamoured of Knight-in-shining-armor I got. At first it was the warm embrace, familiar scent and soft voice of Maa which were the reasons I listened to these fables but then I built a liking towards these stories.

When summer vacations started other scrawny little kids went on a holiday with their family. While I visited library nearby Maa’s office, and my visit there were the simply serene. Each day I was off to a new place, island and sometimes a whole new world. I became devout to the finely binded books with written letters profound to my lips and even today the scent of an old book set me at peace. Through the aisles of cherry wood bookcases I searched with my pudgy hands a tale weaved so rich that every script of letter I read would open doors for new possibility. And i was always delivered such possibilities every time and I was always put off when at the end of the day I had to leave them behind.

In fairytale I found a whole new world but that was all they were tales to churn my mind. The princess was this ever docile character, the damsel in distress, who always even by their best efforts ended up in the dump of their impending dooms and a prince or Knight-in-Shining-Armor was the only person who can revive princess good fortune. I loved these stories, I cared for these characters but I missed on the real heroines, women who everyday fought the impending doom by themselves with or without their prince to support them. In last hundred years women have brought the change in society which if these women hadn’t faced or resisted things would have been different or if i may say a lot similar to the time fifty years back. The tragedies and horror these women faced and all the support they got is more than lore. So even after so many happy memories with books I’m ready to read about more than a fairytale. I’m ready to read and listen to the story of her.


Fairytale or Her

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