The Veil

Out of the conscience into the mind

Certain distraction the veil of time

Could have spoken the truth but words not honest

Little slit forming on a wall, Can it be broken?

Drapes covering head falling before the eyes

Difficult deduction to make everything a jaded find

Conquest is marched and promises are broken

To shed a tear a colossal opportunity is stolen

And timid is her stance as wheel of time started to churn

In cacophony of thoughts she found answers to all her question

Though many questions in her mind were still unanswered

Sheath of her skin too thick to mind anyone’s attention

Forgotten are smug jilted words of control

Now she controls the time when the veil is to be put on


Confine Me Not

Buying me precious jewel

Will not make you precious to me

Confine me not


I was born to walk free on this ground

Don’t hold me back,

Don’t lay hay on my plan

Confine me not


I take love but not lover

I hold the torch up for another reason

Cynical thoughts living in me

Confine me not


I burnt the bridges to never look back

Never ask me to reminisce over a drink

I’m a social pariah on loose

Confine me not


Don’t subjugate me by classifying me

To certain religion, creed or caste

I define my own path

Confine me not


Color of mountain as sunrise touch its face

I’m memorable and happier without a veil

Be it my mind or body

Confine me not