Fascination With Stars


When everything is bleak and you fall asleep,

In night inside a wagon by the window seat,

A sudden lurch wakes you to a screech and a gasp,

Bewildered eyes look up at sparkling heavens,

The majestic night and stardust with it’s magical lustre,

I am spell bound a cut is closed through times suture


A benign being ready to leave

To place before she has never seen

With a thank you and smile she greets strangers

Ready to fly across the land to newest adventure

Not knowing her fate with hopeful eyes

She is on magical carpet over charcoal sky

A little wounded nevermind, riding with hope so high

She see gleaming trinkets over silver clouds

A story of her magical flight


A blink of an eye a starry light

A gleaming light gone with blink of an eye

Miracle it is, I saw a shooting star when least expected

Hopeful again my heartbeat has escalated

Kyu(Why) the question living in my dreams

I wished upon a star the dream would come to me


Rambled Thought #11

Hiking at Mt. Ida,Rocky Mountain National Park

Hiking at Mt. Ida,Rocky Mountain National Park

Right now all I can think of how everything will change

My thoughts, the view, the people and their beliefs

My whole world will take 180 degree turn

Even though I’m still standing on even ground


Moving along with the mellow crowd

The bags are packed and holdall is cramped

Do not be mindful to the path with neon signs

Take a step back and a deep breath

Air seem to be filled with CO2, asphyxiating despair

Run! Run! Off to a place in the meadow

Take it all in, the hills, the valley, the river

Put your running shoes next to you

And dip your naked feet into the cool water

Let morning rays graze your cheek, colourful hue

In this escapade you have to be different, someone new

Don’t make assumptions of right or wrong

You don’t have that privilege, just be strong

Travel on the path you choose not the one chosen for you

Never Ready to Stay

Over the mascot of love into pit of earth

Renaissance of wisdom swaddled in jaded fern

Compromised innocence forging a pursuit

Journey of seven lands cannot be done alone

Savage winds will leave you with a sunken boat

The massive sea will be a deceitful foe

A figurine of joy,  ashen and grey

Weary of travel but never ready to stay

Thump! Thump! move forward, night and day

Weary of travel but never ready to stay



What I’m living nowadays is not life but a routine. A cycle of sleeping, waking, eating, working, searching and sleeping. When a young kid, I never expected to fall into zombie state of mind always believing in overture of adults leaving home to find their destiny or adventure. Though it all seem like a sham now when i cannot even understand what home is. It certainly is not four walls or protection received and not even love of your kin’s which you are utterly grateful for. Their love sometimes can be a gilded prison, seductive to your inhibitions coaxing you to not let go of warm blanket in a winter morning. Though what if the cold prickly breeze is all you need to make your senses alive (where mind is churning, eyes feel the miracle in morning light and your heart beat as hard as a drum). No, a home cannot be a frivolous care of your body while leaving your soul in turmoil. And still we stay back in hopes of self-preservation and stability not realising sooner or later the scars on soul will stretch into the skin like tattoo.

An adult now I never expected to change my naïveté thoughts of our path being drawn very early in life and every destiny being a relative to our dream. I always kept making an ardent effort to wish and though I did made an effort to work hard but not as ardently as I wished. I let my apprehensions rule over my nerves occluding any hazards by closing my eyes. Trusting in patience of time i never stirred from my comfort zone to try and pop the bubble. Maybe I was afraid by the sound made when it bursts. If I speak the truth I don’t know. The only thing I know is you cannot live life in pigeonhole, you have to diversify your spheres. And only way I see it happening is through trying new things and  to travel.

When I was in Mumbai

Across the border of states I found a place where dreams come true
From pauper to prince so many stories I wish I stared into
The city is a hunter of dreams and I’m a dreamer; a paradox it seems
The rain splattered an earthy tone as people kept splashing towards their goals
Unrequited love the sea has with the city walls; waves kept splashing on lifeless rocks
A trend has set and mind is made in the city maze, weary are the towers to storms thunderous games
Between roar of sea and the city I always walk the line, forgotten are not lessons of history in cognisance of time
The palace stood astute old as an age, even the slums are not vacant acting on the daily stage
Many demons plagued this city all in vain, the pulse of valiance beats into city’s vein
Creating ruckus move on in this helter-skelter life; In brink of darkness saviour is city lights
When I was in Mumbai with every possibility I was alive