A Second Chance 

Do you get second chance in life?

A second chance to do it all over again

Sans fear Sans anxiety 

Sans spec of dirt collected on memory


If we do let’s make our aims befitting

Because I have already created a beautiful frame

Now all I need is befitting image

Miracles happen I have heard about them too

This would be my miracle if my dreams come true


In Conscience

Irreverent my eyes were closed

Stoically i sat my manner was grim

Encumbered i lay with the solemn truth

Idiosyncrasy cannot be hidden under the veil

Discovered infinity in five and twenty years

Yet time has gone by in light years speed

And memories lay on ground ashen

With vendetta it is raging me forward for more

Alas! courage strands me at uphill

Flurry of emotions turn into colour of tar

I’m besieged by me apprehensions

Trying to stay reclusive and afar

But stench of feelings invade my body

Stuck in paradox my fear of discovery

Can you make out the thin line of scar

Running from my thigh to calf

Belligerent eyes easily assume

Heinous feeling inside me grew

presumptuously i didn’t let you know

Falling off the wagon

New seeds in my conscience I sow

The Hourglass

Welcome and sense the walls built to gnaw senses

Tingling and pricking the flesh of my existence

Inquisitive touch writhes to break free

Fierce vine like grip hold on to spleen

Crack appears on the fabric of skin

  Melting time altered seams

Picking on threads, breaking weak

Onto new chapter fell on magical dust

All sparkle and sun but does it really work

With a chance I reach, without cause I starved

Levity  bruised flesh and time is scarred ‘hourglass

The Mausoleum of Thoughts

In the paradigm of life everything is placed in order

The mechanism of which advises you to move forward

Any uncertain delays leaves heart pumping fast

A tear of rage bullies mind and shuns the warning cast

Hapless sit wringing hands waited to be interviewed

Alike disection the conscience probe leaving you to stew

Sitting in front of looking  glass, finding faults where they exist not

Each day the Granfather clock ticks,spending in ease precious time

Heard he not from the grapevine, that its soul of sloth

Everyday creating a new possibility trading reality in cost

Closest memory is a vain attempt to dream

Closeted fears floats the boat in irrational stream

Seemingly on every moment thesis is  formed

Gradual with maybe’s “And I belong but ..where?” question stalks

Complex webs the neverves forms inside the skin

Speaking a language, stuttering the good deeds and sin

Aftermath, is where the batttle is won or lost

And then he  moanfully  looks  at the mausoleum of thoughts.

My Words

Under the glow of diminutive sun

My head is bent and my spirit alight

My knees to my chest, a beguile image in my mind

I thought and thought of world unknown

Unsolved dreams, baffling me every time

A paper on my side crumpled, teary from the side

I wrote thousands of words that not make sense

I wrote millions of words that hold no grip or no tie

I work on my remorse, happiness and cry

Break the Glass

As they hover over me

Waiting for me to make a choice

I lose myself and break the glass


My cell phone rings for infinite time

I let it snooze to silence

Attentively looking at the shattered glass


Seven years of bad luck I can care less for

But people are looking now

And I care for desperation

“break the glass” caused


Biting my lip I look towards door

The millionth pieces sitting on ground

 Good girl I had had to be

Until on the floor were shards of glass


Definitely I move forward

Definably I broke the curse

In deference all I carried

Looking down at dust

And sparkling pieces of broken glass


To my scandalous movement

Time and time again I was set free

In the silent room of restrictions

When I picked up and break the glass