Annant heard it all; the music, the anger, the love and the war. It was all that defined her, made her who she was. Similar to a tree who had its branches and roots spread over wide towards the sky and the ground. She also kept her arms open wide not knowing that instead of praying she was ready to embrace a peculiar feeling haunting her heart. The pray of hymns didn’t seem that strong today. Her brows knit together she concentrated keeping the eyes shut. And murmured the words she remembered but the words forming in her mind weren’t the one she was actually breathing from lips.

It was like a cosmic revelation to her, queer but a piece of unsolved puzzle. She needed to put the markers at the right place. She needed to understand her brain and her heart was not in sync. The roots grounding her were trembling. The flesh of hers could feel contradiction in her and it was not good. Especially not now, when she needed to keep her wits together make the mark she required, no, needed to make. She opens her fist to feel the wind or something that could trigger her senses but not lead her to the path of cacophony. Biting her low lip she felt an epiphany no matter how harsh this storm is, she needed to fight, to survive. Never mind the constant thumping of her pulse. Nevermind the cry of sharp No, screaming through her nerves causing goosebumps. She has to make it through, try one more time, face her demons. Stronger she act stronger will she be. In the path of procrastination and anxiety she was her self-made destruction. It will take time to build something meaningful out of her life. After all Rome wasn’t built in one day and this was her whole life 8,766 days she left behind and fragments of lifetime yet to be lived.