Fallen Leaf / RIP Grandpaa

As I was on the bridge, I saw sun from rearview mirror 

You were there too, enjoying ice cream together

Both of you were finally in peace

No unpleasant feelings for each other

I discovered; a new morning, a new bright day

And it was the fallen leaf on the mirror 

When I was told you stopped breathing air

Now you can travel be more then you were

Finally you said goodbye and I let you go

Now you breath peace and I heard

you were were walking towards the sun

As I moved ahead, you are more than you were


To be twenty-two (22)

T o be 22…young,naïve and dream

To be 22…working out different means

To be 22…a causative scene on play

To be 22…illustrate world in monochrome display

To be 22…live, wild and burn

To be 22….destiny takes an eventful turn

Rose tinted glasses comes off the face

Every ruble of every dream becomes memento for fate

I’m ready to salvage but life doesn’t work that way

Salvation comes in a form so true

When I saw your shadow…Oh! To be 22.