Fairytale Reverie- The Hero


To the Lords above, the hero who cannot be reached.

Further away from reality an elegant arm is in breach.

Trying to create swirls by caressing the faceless air.

Conspirator, an outlaw uttering scandalous apellations.

Spurious claims or honest dreams are all just hallucinations.

Devoured the view until the darkness settled before eyes.

Then sweet angel drowned in time, too little too late to find.

Her long mane forms a halo and as she lay…

Alone upon a cloud on the ground she is grave,

Even a shadow cannot touch her, sire,

Your face is etched in lines and the forest is on fire,

Clutching a rose to her bosom she is floating in her reverie,

Kings, Wisemen and Knights all from nearby land came,

To preach or to pray, to bring her out of her reverie they say.

Her spirit floats above her out of the web they create,

Mankind is in dire need all of their selfish actions claim,

The kindred of all will not listen until out of the pain,

The wizard say only she could beseech,

To the Lords above, the hero who cannot be reached.


Religious Ledger

His Grace falls upon us be it in form of light or shadow

We live our days to appease Him chiefly when feeling yellow

Unflinching and with faith through time and trials

Centuries after centuries passed by as man searched and followed

Haven; the Lord created the man a scribe of scriptures

Lauding the work of God by lifting his own stature

The one who searched in churches, monasteries and temples

Couldn’t find the Lord living within soul

Only to be worrying over their religious ledger

Man built a wall in the name of the creator of sky

Man kneeled in front of an idol or a stone

Man fought with man over the Lord’s image he formed

But try and will he cannot find…

When Man scorns man while preaching to the sky


When the clouds form a shade over my head
I sleep on field of sun blooms, a simple snooze to heavy gaze
Wanderlust, take me back to that place
Wanderlust, I cried when I lost you on my path to faith
Sailing through deep mangroves with deep-setted beliefs
Why lost was I? When I found you in peace
Cherry blossoms are scent of my spring
Mirrors on the wall clearing a naïve myth
Absconded for so long from sense to a place of sensibility
Wanted was I for my crime of vulnerability
Beautiful world, I was part of so many places
Yet none of the places could be part of me
Wanderlust, were you the only hope of mine?
Wanderlust, away from my abode a nomad life
Speaking a dialect so foreign to me, everyday seeing God differently
Destiny is a sweet child, Falcon to my open sky
Like a sailor ready to sail through the storm
Fighting back to glory was my everyday norm
“Seize the day” ,“Seize the moment” you screamed
Procrastinating I wondered if I’m socially connected to mad being
Certainly now I see your point
No point being a star until you are light bearer every night
Sunshine, daisies where do you hide now?
Magnanimous is stage of life, I seem to be small some how
Wondering will I find this magic again
Or will it turn into a myth and forever I will be lost in the plains
Wanderlust, wandering with the open heart
Wanderlust, removing the shackles of past