I saw a swan when I closed my eyes 

I looked down and found a potted plant become an ashtray

On top of traffic light a crow took a seat

Trees by the sidewalk left barren sans nest

Virtue and wisdom settled in smoke

Constellations drift, a dream away

Wretched condition, dial it down

I breath toxic,

I dispel it out.


The Path I Follow

The path I follow….is lit with moonbeam 

Surrounding area is filled with darkness 

But the path I can see clear

On horizon, mist is settled

Many have been on this path

Only few could make it through

I will be one of the few

‘Coz the path I follow is lit with moonbeam 

The path I follow is lit for me.

A Second Chance 

Do you get second chance in life?

A second chance to do it all over again

Sans fear Sans anxiety 

Sans spec of dirt collected on memory


If we do let’s make our aims befitting

Because I have already created a beautiful frame

Now all I need is befitting image

Miracles happen I have heard about them too

This would be my miracle if my dreams come true

Nightmare Vs. Dreams

Little more I am, Little less you see   

A prophetic impression makes me a seer

A silly dream of trumpet playing bear 

A causative scene of fascinating belief


Falling galaxies and consuming nebula

Then i’m near but with fear I carry

A wretched word ‘solitary’ 

Can push a person into dark


But dark recedes and light replete

 Into bones within soul whims secede  

I’m enlightened, I’m worthy

Not worried your believes cannot chain me

I break the shackles to make a point


Out of my nightmare into my dreams I find

My reality, an omen of my blissful time

A Dream (Constellation)

Let me recall the moment  it is little hazy in my mind

The dust has settled on it my treasured dream of night

In night when reality is calm, serene and beautiful

I do not like to fall asleep

But a blink of an eye has me dreaming

Misty at beginning , those vivid dreams

A spark I could feel in my body tingling

When in sweet slumber the scenario change

I was with whom I do not know

We were driving through night, natures gift

A giddy sensation filled me ‘coz of the company next to me

Then stars appear so bright, they were never in the city

And I was in awe of constellations you showed me on velvet sky

Suddenly I was left waiting on the threshold

People came, I greeted and people went

But I remain at the threshold waiting for…?

Reminiscing  the constellation I  have seen

And waiting to ask “Why me?”

Let me recall the moment  it is little hazy in my mind

The dust has settled on it my treasured dream of night…

Haunt Me

Haunt me, when I’m asleep

Are the dreams of which I do not speak,

Tell them not to return ‘morrow,

In morning everything is bright and sunny,

In night deplorable silence doesn’t appease.

Haunt me, when I dream

Are the favors done by reality,

Giving me the heart for devotion,

Nightmares redeem my sanity.

Haunt me, when I’m awake

Are the visions of yesterday,

Driving me to not to blink,

As nightmare is just a blink away.

Haunt Me, Seizing the reality

Facing the truth of one’s mortality,

Practical and logical, Me.

Exuberant and devastating, Reverie.