Moving along with the mellow crowd

The bags are packed and holdall is cramped

Do not be mindful to the path with neon signs

Take a step back and a deep breath

Air seem to be filled with CO2, asphyxiating despair

Run! Run! Off to a place in the meadow

Take it all in, the hills, the valley, the river

Put your running shoes next to you

And dip your naked feet into the cool water

Let morning rays graze your cheek, colourful hue

In this escapade you have to be different, someone new

Don’t make assumptions of right or wrong

You don’t have that privilege, just be strong

Travel on the path you choose not the one chosen for you


I, Journey, Into Life

A mannequin of doubt resides in the shadow,

Telling me to hush the trivialities I speak.

Reclining towards a new tomorrow,

In latest advertisement the seams came unstitched,

A quarry where I started may not be my end,

Abstinence from the regret, I wander to find my nest.

Will I or Will I not?, questions hum through air,

A sigh from lips and finger on temples catch the despair,

the principle light that shines directly into eyes,

Unflinching the one who is bright and enlightened,

Seeing red, blue and white is the consumed vision.

Scattered dreams and collected thoughts don’t do much,

One around toes pricks the flesh and leaves a bruise,

Other cradled in hand lays playing dead,

On this voyage nothing stays and everyone is a-strayed,

Such is euphemism that defines I, journey, into life.