Untitled (The Scene)


The desolation spreads like smog covering winter morning,

Unsolicited whiff of deodar scent keeps me in peace,

The birds chirp and I listen with semantic stealth,

Not a step more or a step back can I take,

My fingers on my lips taking drag of pure air,

And leaving puff of rings as if addicted to decadent activity,

But I hold nothing between my fingers,

Just a dirt of possibility settled under my feet,

Panorama before me and paranoia inside of me.


Fairytale Reverie- The Hero


To the Lords above, the hero who cannot be reached.

Further away from reality an elegant arm is in breach.

Trying to create swirls by caressing the faceless air.

Conspirator, an outlaw uttering scandalous apellations.

Spurious claims or honest dreams are all just hallucinations.

Devoured the view until the darkness settled before eyes.

Then sweet angel drowned in time, too little too late to find.

Her long mane forms a halo and as she lay…

Alone upon a cloud on the ground she is grave,

Even a shadow cannot touch her, sire,

Your face is etched in lines and the forest is on fire,

Clutching a rose to her bosom she is floating in her reverie,

Kings, Wisemen and Knights all from nearby land came,

To preach or to pray, to bring her out of her reverie they say.

Her spirit floats above her out of the web they create,

Mankind is in dire need all of their selfish actions claim,

The kindred of all will not listen until out of the pain,

The wizard say only she could beseech,

To the Lords above, the hero who cannot be reached.

Miraculous Sun

The light breeze gushes and becomes splendid wind. I raise my palm with my fingers open wide trying to caress the gold of sun. My fingers tingle from warmth that sun emanates but I cannot touch him. His light escapes from the gap between my fingers and fills my vision. It fills my world and consumes me with it’s rays but dare I or not,I cannot touch it. I put my arm down collecting warmth in my fist, opening my eyes, my world is filled upto brim. Such a shocking nature is of sun it gives light in abundance, keep you cosy, but never lets you reach him. It burns itself in a volcanic combustion so consumed in his fury and none dare to be near. In infinity he lives alone among stars. A source of energy to otherwise dark world, night is filled with millions of stars but none are sun to midnight blue reverie. In the embrace of warm light I am protected from iniquity of darkness.

I cannot protest about the shadow keeping me company in solitary times because it seem more like a blessing of him then gloomy figure with murky past.

I will bemuse as I squint my eyes and see colors like red, blue or green whenever I try to gaze directly at the source.

I move along in the path where his light coerce me to be brave and take my lead.

I confer into a miraculous journey never to worry about night, waiting until the Sun rises again.

Sun and Moon

When the evening sun bids farewell to azure sky

The sky turns the colour of tangerine and with the dark it dies

The heavens mourn for the departed soul

Covered in pitch-blackness from head to toe

Even the stars come out to pay their homage

Every night moon looses a fragment of its essence

You and I caught it’s bluff hiding behind the veil of silence

Never telling us the tale how it glows in night

There are millions of stars that twinkle in sky

Nevertheless it is light of sun that makes the moonshine

When the sun dies in the eve of night

The ray of moonbeam is there to foretell

The tale of daystar to you and I


The illiterate night keeps an ensemble of stars and moon under wrap

Not a tremor or spark could peek out of its thick blanket hidden they are, so well

The darkness is heavy and grave even the shadows are afraid to escape into the light

Certain subjugation of situation demands me to dwell no more;it’s no longer easy to empathize

I’ve forgotten to feel beyond numbness as everything comes to a moot point

Forging a silent companionship i let the darkness consume my soul

I cannot count on my fingers the several nights I lay awake as dreams became sour

Until the clouds turned grey against depth of silent night

It broke the barricade let the little droplets of rain splattered on my window

I cannot guess the days that went by where tick of clock wasn’t inferno

Now cascading down the rivulets of water are putting away the flame

Oh insolent night! Do you suffer like many do when lost in a maze?

The light will shine again and the smell of whiskey will deplete

I hope to feel the ray of light and soon I may get a chance to redeem

Yet the beauty of night in it’s darkest hour is not easy to unseen


Surrender to the cynicism of the mind

A game of peek-a -boo played by memory

Taking us back to a place like a torn kite

Where we fly with the breeze and clouds are thundering

I store my thoughts and seal them in an empty closet

Cannot show you the words that are not spoken

The words are liar and only deeds are honest

Conferring to tides night is a little more darken

The wheels spurn and something new I become

Breaking the conventions of social being

Want to break the solitary confinement of me

Sceptic maybe I am yet I believe

That world would change if I stop with this deceit

Hundredth Strand Turn Grey

Lay on the floor conserved in form of ball

Submerging in light of the seventh heaven, the 9th call

And I want to abide, move my fingers and fly

However I’m stuck in the lust of nightfall and time

And as darkness paves the way, a rhythmic pace of heart

My ribs take the beating, my eyes are downcast

Wanton night plays siren to the constellations

The nebula forms in the way of perfect stars

And night twinkles even if its midnight color is dark

Beyond reason frail is the fail identity

Or is it my pride savaged by my procrastinating serenity

With the will of iron I raise myself and then fall on my knees

Sitting through the darkness in need of illumination and certainty

I raise my voice which spills in a slurr of rum

The hundredth strand turn grey before you and I become one