O Wild Flowers

O wild flowers! of spring season,

I envy your vivd colours;

I envy your vibrant nature,

And i envy your unyielding eccentric stature,

Your beauty cannot be out reasoned.


Fluttering you mingle with sky,

plucking you from you habitat;

and putting in a vase is a crime,

you are featherbed to cold hard earth,

you are the smile to an old man,

you are chirp to song of bird…

And and you are an ode to love.


Fascination With Stars


When everything is bleak and you fall asleep,

In night inside a wagon by the window seat,

A sudden lurch wakes you to a screech and a gasp,

Bewildered eyes look up at sparkling heavens,

The majestic night and stardust with it’s magical lustre,

I am spell bound a cut is closed through times suture


A benign being ready to leave

To place before she has never seen

With a thank you and smile she greets strangers

Ready to fly across the land to newest adventure

Not knowing her fate with hopeful eyes

She is on magical carpet over charcoal sky

A little wounded nevermind, riding with hope so high

She see gleaming trinkets over silver clouds

A story of her magical flight


A blink of an eye a starry light

A gleaming light gone with blink of an eye

Miracle it is, I saw a shooting star when least expected

Hopeful again my heartbeat has escalated

Kyu(Why) the question living in my dreams

I wished upon a star the dream would come to me

Untitled (The Scene)


The desolation spreads like smog covering winter morning,

Unsolicited whiff of deodar scent keeps me in peace,

The birds chirp and I listen with semantic stealth,

Not a step more or a step back can I take,

My fingers on my lips taking drag of pure air,

And leaving puff of rings as if addicted to decadent activity,

But I hold nothing between my fingers,

Just a dirt of possibility settled under my feet,

Panorama before me and paranoia inside of me.


An irrelevant story gazes forlornly at the end of time

A pesky particle with his kins follow the breeze to promise-land

The universe is vast with unreachable horizon as its spine

Yet the dust moves ahead wherever wind takes it, never shies

Jovial pesky matter dancing along the journey

The rays of sun paves the path for dust vividly

Whirling light-weight as the gutsy wind takes it to places

Golden swirls magnificent in solace of shadow

Darkness of surroundings cannot dampen the beauty so mellow


The illiterate night keeps an ensemble of stars and moon under wrap

Not a tremor or spark could peek out of its thick blanket hidden they are, so well

The darkness is heavy and grave even the shadows are afraid to escape into the light

Certain subjugation of situation demands me to dwell no more;it’s no longer easy to empathize

I’ve forgotten to feel beyond numbness as everything comes to a moot point

Forging a silent companionship i let the darkness consume my soul

I cannot count on my fingers the several nights I lay awake as dreams became sour

Until the clouds turned grey against depth of silent night

It broke the barricade let the little droplets of rain splattered on my window

I cannot guess the days that went by where tick of clock wasn’t inferno

Now cascading down the rivulets of water are putting away the flame

Oh insolent night! Do you suffer like many do when lost in a maze?

The light will shine again and the smell of whiskey will deplete

I hope to feel the ray of light and soon I may get a chance to redeem

Yet the beauty of night in it’s darkest hour is not easy to unseen

The Cheap Muse


If an occurrence of choice he gets

He desires a memory to come alive

In conquest of finding a moment captured

He sat looking for an idea settled in his mind

The picture is blurry encased under whiff of alcohol

The conscience is clear within an idea of console

Never redeemed the dream he knew so well

His muse was cheap but the scheme was grand



He sculpted the clay like his own heart was on stake

Benign flutter of butterfly was the imagination of base

“Consider it done” his conscience spoke to him

Half a life thought is put into half a life of experience

Nothing prepared him for the greed to make it right

If not struck under the lust of oscillating time

“Consider it done” the lust spoke to him

With music blaring in his ears he shunned lust aside

Dedication he found in her thought sundry weren’t worth a dime

Configuring his mind in sync to his heart

He played with the form as he moulded heaven on earth

A dream all he had of a lone figure in meadows

One with great beauty veiled under shadows

He looks for her in the clay he bruised

Making a life out of an idea, his cheap muse


A lazy breeze grazes her face

Penchant to her skin, she is in deep slumber

Her figurine is lying in the shadows content

Her raven curls falling on her cheeks, a beautiful picture

He lay there watching her as moonlight pierce into the room

Taking in the beauty of the one, in the silent night love blooms

Caressing her forehead and hair he feels the ease

Each worry has melted in the night it is just about a dream