Fairytale Reverie- The Hero


To the Lords above, the hero who cannot be reached.

Further away from reality an elegant arm is in breach.

Trying to create swirls by caressing the faceless air.

Conspirator, an outlaw uttering scandalous apellations.

Spurious claims or honest dreams are all just hallucinations.

Devoured the view until the darkness settled before eyes.

Then sweet angel drowned in time, too little too late to find.

Her long mane forms a halo and as she lay…

Alone upon a cloud on the ground she is grave,

Even a shadow cannot touch her, sire,

Your face is etched in lines and the forest is on fire,

Clutching a rose to her bosom she is floating in her reverie,

Kings, Wisemen and Knights all from nearby land came,

To preach or to pray, to bring her out of her reverie they say.

Her spirit floats above her out of the web they create,

Mankind is in dire need all of their selfish actions claim,

The kindred of all will not listen until out of the pain,

The wizard say only she could beseech,

To the Lords above, the hero who cannot be reached.


My Grandmother (Badi Maa)

When I was a teenager I wrote a poem for my badimaa”Grand Ma”. Though she was not familiar with english vocabulary and diction, she took the poem with a great pride. She used to ask both me and Grand Paa to translate it to her in Hindi or Punjabi. With pride she would call her friends and relatives to tell them about my gibberish ode to her. I was never comfortable with such show of emotion so would squirm as she would tell about my poem to everyone else. As i grew up I forgot about what I had written and we both moved on. Now she died on 22nd February 2015, and I tried to be pragmatic and bold about it. I shed tears but very little of them. After coming back from cremation my brother and I were in her room. My brother was just going through some of her stuff when he found this old pale page and asked me if I wrote to her. First a little numb I didn’t comprehend until I opened the folded paper my whole body started to quake. And that night I cried remembering our love, bond, fight, hurt, happiness, innocence, anger and peace.

Yesterday was a miracle

Today I saw it’s sequel

You singing lullabies

You held my hand

You are angel in disguise

Your face is old and worn out

You have laughing lines all around

But your eyes full of my life

Leaves me astound

With my every mistake your frown

My innocent eyes makes you give in

But I know you can see through my pretence

And you also know it

Wish you have a life forever

But till time allows

You are my Grandmother

You took me to the garden for the walk

You told me how to fight bad man who stalk

Your angry eyes leaves bad monster stunned

You showed me God was one

And pray through heart leaves you forgiven

Your gentle lips with soft smile

Shushes me when I cry

You are my teddy bear

When I’m scared

You are my will when I doubt to dare

So wish you had  life forever

So let spend some time together

Till time allows…you are my Grandmother.

The Blue House

Dirt spattered all over he walks with tattered shirt

Taking a swig from bottle he was hiding from faith

And Faith the darling girl was having her own merry way

Concealing herself as Hope she made him dream of lighter day

Dream gambled flickering like a flame; stakes are high pulling poker face

Drinking all of his desire in, dream plays an abominable game

Under turf of his mind, a pitch they have signed

Making mark on him a like a tattoo, turnin’ the house blue


Walls painted dark, shadows take over the mind

Heart changed the pace, has chained down the merry life

Every move forward leads to gambit of past

He lost the mortgage “Dream” ashamed eyes down cast


The blue house has revelled on ploy where everyone concedes

No Home for Mary, in here even God is deceived

Naive even I entered the scene, trapped in room of mirrors

My reflection is anathema to my believe

Faith the darling girl offers me her hand

Faith the darling girl wants to be my angel

But when hope takes a leaving, the angel falls

And trapped in the blue house, I’m in the care of the fallen angel





Shy Away…

The Sunbeam, hiding in street light

Shy Away give into sweet time

Memories..playing a new game

Shy Away the heart is flayed

Walking down the barley field

Naked feet my soul on a spree

Looking for the closure in time

The feeling to stay alive

Oh Life! When you intervene

Wondering why i’m so intrigued

Move on, Listen to Angel’s song

Shy Away…