Fallen Leaf / RIP Grandpaa

As I was on the bridge, I saw sun from rearview mirror 

You were there too, enjoying ice cream together

Both of you were finally in peace

No unpleasant feelings for each other

I discovered; a new morning, a new bright day

And it was the fallen leaf on the mirror 

When I was told you stopped breathing air

Now you can travel be more then you were

Finally you said goodbye and I let you go

Now you breath peace and I heard

you were were walking towards the sun

As I moved ahead, you are more than you were


Nightmare Vs. Dreams

Little more I am, Little less you see   

A prophetic impression makes me a seer

A silly dream of trumpet playing bear 

A causative scene of fascinating belief


Falling galaxies and consuming nebula

Then i’m near but with fear I carry

A wretched word ‘solitary’ 

Can push a person into dark


But dark recedes and light replete

 Into bones within soul whims secede  

I’m enlightened, I’m worthy

Not worried your believes cannot chain me

I break the shackles to make a point


Out of my nightmare into my dreams I find

My reality, an omen of my blissful time

If the shoe fits…

When the morning light hits 

and time slits, tired eyes flutter open

Ready for another day; same old routine

Mellow life chaotic mind ready to explode

Acting benign…

In their paradigm I suffer the loss of outsider

Working hard to find but they test my character

Interrogating into manipulative destruction
Fall now,not I, move my feet on set path

I have a goal and a dream 

not bent to be your slave, stereotypical fella!
If destiny conspires I’ll become my wish

If thoughts are on fire I will find nirvana within

Not damsel to be played , not a trickster to fiend with

Seldom you seek but not a story of Matilda

But If the shoe fits …I’ll become Cinderella

Lifetime to Go

On a train ride towards a child’s dream,

I sat by the window searching for shadow in whimsical leak

Came through the door an old woman with naive glee

I was stupefied so was the girl next to me 

You see the woman was not ordinary 

Her chocolate coloured skin was wrinkled, I agree

Her hunched shoulders and wavered walk was time-weary, i agree

However she was not carrying world on her shoulder but living the world

Don’t you see, Don’t you agree, How different she is

Girl next to me was mesmerised by her so she asked “So radiant. How old is you?”

“Only 80.” was her sassy reply. 

A beret hat, red jeans and bling’d poncho she wore

And she was telling her “Only 80” as if there is lifetime and more

In the end I smiled and then pondered can it be my truth too

Can I be happier with time passing and lifetime to go?

Concrete Jungle/Mountain

Shimla- Concrete Jungle

Shimla- Concrete Jungle

It is not an incantation but reality which has us spellbound,

In lap of nature’s lofty sons resides the concrete town,

The grandeur of thy, Mother Nature, cannot be limited with words,

Magnificence! A flower blooms under the shower of heavy rain,

Tenacity! Of Man’s dream to climb to the top of mountain range,

Hue of green and shadow of blue are scenic wonderment,

Past the curved road a sight of rainbow settled from valley to top,

They are not just colours but inhabitants building walls,

The green doesn’t succumb and the vines twine onto brick and mortar,

A City is beautiful in the night when it twinkles like sky with stars,

How vivid is the sky electrified and bejewelled like a Pagan God,


A ridge in the city where humans stand  bemused and poetically

Look beyond to the mountains wondering…

Why they can see more concrete and less of pastel sheets.

Festive Misery

A few days back I wrote a poem Festive Misery it was about a young widow and child bride…that time I just got this tingle in my mind that I have to just sit and start writing about this. I had no idea what i will try to voice through my poem. In my social life I may not have seen or faced such dilemma’s but it will not help me if I turn blind eye that these issues still exist in our society.
A friend of mine read this poem and had shared with me a photograph taken by him withthe below message :
“In this photo- It was the first time in the history of widows of Vrindavan, when they had played Holi and saw colors, flowers, dance, heard music in their Ashram. It was an initiative taken by and NGO called Sulabh. Sulabh took the permission from The Supreme Court of India for this beautiful act.”
In the photo which I have added to my post of Festive Misery shows widows of Vrindavan playing Holi. It made me smile wide and feel an exhilaration of emotions running through me. Kudos, to Sulabh for their efforts.

An Indian Princess

Celebration of festival Holi at Lord Krishna' birth place Name of the photo: Colors of Braj_CK; Photo Credits: Chandan Khanna

The whole town submerged in festive

Celebrating with splash of colours and whiff of petals

Performing jubilant acts as folk songs were crooned

In this fête of life, nothing could be amiss or wrong

Still a feeble sniffle could be heard from the wall

The young woman in white could make out;

A child was crying on other side of door

Worried a little she called if the one was ok

By disturbance of outside the crying stopped right away

Two worlds on other sides of walls

One is bride at age of ten and other a widow

None could join the merry enjoyed by others

One’s husband died and her old world was black and white

Other was missing her home, her parents and her little brother

Decision made by society to protect them

Though all it is…

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