Lifetime to Go

On a train ride towards a child’s dream,

I sat by the window searching for shadow in whimsical leak

Came through the door an old woman with naive glee

I was stupefied so was the girl next to me 

You see the woman was not ordinary 

Her chocolate coloured skin was wrinkled, I agree

Her hunched shoulders and wavered walk was time-weary, i agree

However she was not carrying world on her shoulder but living the world

Don’t you see, Don’t you agree, How different she is

Girl next to me was mesmerised by her so she asked “So radiant. How old is you?”

“Only 80.” was her sassy reply. 

A beret hat, red jeans and bling’d poncho she wore

And she was telling her “Only 80” as if there is lifetime and more

In the end I smiled and then pondered can it be my truth too

Can I be happier with time passing and lifetime to go?


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