Concrete Jungle/Mountain

Shimla- Concrete Jungle

Shimla- Concrete Jungle

It is not an incantation but reality which has us spellbound,

In lap of nature’s lofty sons resides the concrete town,

The grandeur of thy, Mother Nature, cannot be limited with words,

Magnificence! A flower blooms under the shower of heavy rain,

Tenacity! Of Man’s dream to climb to the top of mountain range,

Hue of green and shadow of blue are scenic wonderment,

Past the curved road a sight of rainbow settled from valley to top,

They are not just colours but inhabitants building walls,

The green doesn’t succumb and the vines twine onto brick and mortar,

A City is beautiful in the night when it twinkles like sky with stars,

How vivid is the sky electrified and bejewelled like a Pagan God,


A ridge in the city where humans stand  bemused and poetically

Look beyond to the mountains wondering…

Why they can see more concrete and less of pastel sheets.


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