Miraculous Sun

The light breeze gushes and becomes splendid wind. I raise my palm with my fingers open wide trying to caress the gold of sun. My fingers tingle from warmth that sun emanates but I cannot touch him. His light escapes from the gap between my fingers and fills my vision. It fills my world and consumes me with it’s rays but dare I or not,I cannot touch it. I put my arm down collecting warmth in my fist, opening my eyes, my world is filled upto brim. Such a shocking nature is of sun it gives light in abundance, keep you cosy, but never lets you reach him. It burns itself in a volcanic combustion so consumed in his fury and none dare to be near. In infinity he lives alone among stars. A source of energy to otherwise dark world, night is filled with millions of stars but none are sun to midnight blue reverie. In the embrace of warm light I am protected from iniquity of darkness.

I cannot protest about the shadow keeping me company in solitary times because it seem more like a blessing of him then gloomy figure with murky past.

I will bemuse as I squint my eyes and see colors like red, blue or green whenever I try to gaze directly at the source.

I move along in the path where his light coerce me to be brave and take my lead.

I confer into a miraculous journey never to worry about night, waiting until the Sun rises again.


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