Her Kingdom (Lakshmi)

She, the fallen, on lap of earth feeling the sticks and stones

Unflinching, meandering crawling towards her kingdom

Her sword and buckler lay few feet away

She binds her soul into her bones

The enemy raises carbine to his shoulder to take a shot

She looked around and found her trusted companion unmoving

The horse who once whinnied to storm is lying dead in silence

Closing her welling eyes she searched for her kingdom

On her knees to her feet she was up and ready to face

The hussar charged with a war cry and fear summons

The battlefield is menace but not the end

The raggedy doll lay in the cradle of muslin tied to her chest

She is thunder and claps facing the paradox that infest

Her mind in clear she thrives for freedom

And suddenly the moment breaks and her Mamma calls her home

The villain grunts and she stomps, yet Mama call her(“Lakshmi”) home

She with sword,buckler and ragged doll returns home, faraway from her kingdom

Note: This Poem is about a little girl enacting her namesake Rani Lakshmibai (Queen of Jhansi) who took part in 1857 revolt, You may find information about her in internet.


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