<Half eaten chocolate on my desk

Crinkled golden wrapper don’t fret

His skin is wizened and when i crunch it in my fist

It croaks and blossoms again like a flower>

<An old notebook lay haphazardly over the mess

Taking in every dialogue and scribble with jest

Each doodle drawn on it’s ornate cover

Make-up for it being a simpleton,

The perfect little imperfections>

<Calculator with faded  number pads

Black with white markings always it is correct

Refuse to exceed it’s limit a certain kind of myopia

Nevertheless it is bridge to the solution

For every kind of mathematical hysteria>

<A pen with a wrong colour cap kept in holder

Drawing line with every crease it grows bolder

Between the nimble fingers it swings to and fro

On paper it writes the destiny of thine

While on hand it writes journey of mine>


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