In Conscience

Irreverent my eyes were closed

Stoically i sat my manner was grim

Encumbered i lay with the solemn truth

Idiosyncrasy cannot be hidden under the veil

Discovered infinity in five and twenty years

Yet time has gone by in light years speed

And memories lay on ground ashen

With vendetta it is raging me forward for more

Alas! courage strands me at uphill

Flurry of emotions turn into colour of tar

I’m besieged by me apprehensions

Trying to stay reclusive and afar

But stench of feelings invade my body

Stuck in paradox my fear of discovery

Can you make out the thin line of scar

Running from my thigh to calf

Belligerent eyes easily assume

Heinous feeling inside me grew

presumptuously i didn’t let you know

Falling off the wagon

New seeds in my conscience I sow


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