A fugitive out in the woods searching for six feet pit to hide

Making nuisance while looking for darkness to engulf him

Unprecedented he walked towards where north star shines

Tremor runs through her spine as she lays awake in the night

Fiercely keeping her eyes closed to evade her fall into purgatory

Confessions she makes to the rain in the morning to prevail

Unwarranted warmth she felt  as her gaze fell upon the silver line

Rapidly filling the cigarettes buds into an ashtray

Everyone is searching for redemption none looking at ramification

Divulging their darkness into light then why hope recedes everytime

To be a better person then one is today’

To be in a better situation then one is in today

With a leap of faith fall off the sky,

passing every cloud like a river of haze

Forging an alternative reality to live through

Unforgiven guilty are still living in destitute


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