Lost Boys

The pages we turn the books we romanticize through

Does it take a Tolstoy to foretell?

The tug between War and Peace will live us to stew

Imagine a land where battle is an everyday issue

Predict the little jesters holding onto a spade too

Defending we all are stretching the marks on earths hinge

Bulletproof are the wits of young boy who just learned to think

Can you see such a world blessed with contentment, a self sufficed life?

Or will you barricade such thoughts by shielding the young minds

The little jesters inured to such moments will put a blind to their eyes

And will they too one day kill for vengeance, love and pride

Look into the mirror and come across,

Inside all of us is a child at war who is panicked to reconcile

Careful you either begin with love or a battle, story of lost boys


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