The Radical

Marchin’ down the road my head held high

Through uproars and cries, I hush up my voice

The zing in my march will make its own testimonial

I’m the change and I’m the radical

World that’s my aide is the one troublesome

A vermillion dot on my forehead

Everyone expect me to wait for a protector

Seeing the sassiness in my sway they reprimand calling me theatrical

Don’t try to dissuade, I’m my own tower and pillar

I’m the change, I’m the radical

Nine feet of cloth draped around my body

Doesn’t give them right to be lewd in their stares

Or thrashing me trying to own my body

Dominance that you lead to shred my will and cloth

My fist in the air, my eyes burn hot

I’ll be a revolutionary fighting against your sadistic intention

I am no idol

I’m just a change, I’m the radical

Protector I am to babe in my womb

I ain’t any tragedy, you are misinformed

The sympathy lacks that empathy gained

Don’t mock me with your speech alike whimsical

I make my own way

I’m the change, I’m the radical

No more am I caged bird, I have learned to fly

No more will I keep my head down

To keep your infantile pride high

My honor is no more a case of trivial

I’ll empower my body and mind

I’m the change, I’m the radical


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