Festive Misery

A few days back I wrote a poem Festive Misery it was about a young widow and child bride…that time I just got this tingle in my mind that I have to just sit and start writing about this. I had no idea what i will try to voice through my poem. In my social life I may not have seen or faced such dilemma’s but it will not help me if I turn blind eye that these issues still exist in our society.
A friend of mine read this poem and had shared with me a photograph taken by him withthe below message :
“In this photo- It was the first time in the history of widows of Vrindavan, when they had played Holi and saw colors, flowers, dance, heard music in their Ashram. It was an initiative taken by and NGO called Sulabh. Sulabh took the permission from The Supreme Court of India for this beautiful act.”
In the photo which I have added to my post of Festive Misery shows widows of Vrindavan playing Holi. It made me smile wide and feel an exhilaration of emotions running through me. Kudos, to Sulabh for their efforts.

An Indian Princess

Celebration of festival Holi at Lord Krishna' birth place Name of the photo: Colors of Braj_CK; Photo Credits: Chandan Khanna

The whole town submerged in festive

Celebrating with splash of colours and whiff of petals

Performing jubilant acts as folk songs were crooned

In this fête of life, nothing could be amiss or wrong

Still a feeble sniffle could be heard from the wall

The young woman in white could make out;

A child was crying on other side of door

Worried a little she called if the one was ok

By disturbance of outside the crying stopped right away

Two worlds on other sides of walls

One is bride at age of ten and other a widow

None could join the merry enjoyed by others

One’s husband died and her old world was black and white

Other was missing her home, her parents and her little brother

Decision made by society to protect them

Though all it is…

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