Living on the Beggar’s Field

Living on the beggar’s field

Wilted heart and oh! The lonely minds

Stumbling on the rocky path

Bed of roses is nowhere to be found

Partly my heart gives in; partly my heart is soaring high

Dancing on the tune of jade, Puppets we are in hand of time

Can’t take the road down memory lane

Can’t squash the thirst for what happens next

Pray to one and preach to none, accrued breath is stained

Washing up one’s own sin will not eradicate what have been

Covering up the clinch on the glass doesn’t mean it was never broken

Thirst keeps the throat parched when rhythm like a poison burns

Forging bridge to another town, hoping it be wonderland

All in us give it our best but seeds that we sow

Didn’t grow so well on barren land

Like a nomad under charm of wanderlust we play ourselves to believe

When end is near their will be new beginning

Alternative reality, we are living on beggars field


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