When I was in Delhi


Bird Eye view of Jama Mazjid, Red Fort, Jain Mandir, gauri - shankar mandir.  Courtesy:- Chandan Khanna.http://www.chandankhanna.com/

Bird Eye view of Jama Mazjid, Red Fort, Jain Mandir, Gauri – Shankar Mandir. Courtesy:- Chandan Khanna.http://www.chandankhanna.com/

When i was in Delhi I walked through narrow gulleys

Finding differences in every nook and corner, yet something was familiar

The scent of old world invades the senses; fragrance of modern state keeps my stances

Working my way through grey clouds, every season here is extreme somehow

I bargain with a street vendor over the vegetables, my basic need

Somehow I end up buying a branded shoe hefty on my pocket, my basic salary

Regional sections that we have parted; in nature of calamity it is one-sided

Walk in the gardens near India Gate I feel national pride

Thinking of 16/12 I feel abhorrence and dislike

The eyes are glazed such mystic is its power

You and I by the lake hand in hand walking near old tower

Frenzy in its maze, we are all lost to find a cause here

Candle march on eve, morning toil turns metaphor to staunch here

In a gist i cannot speak of the memories, dreams or reality I lived in this city

When I will cross its threshold I discern the city’s heart will still beat within me


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