The War brews War

In a deep-rooted belief a mindset is construed

Forgiven were none and none could forget

Rogue saw the eyes on path of guns and bullets

Wails could be heard from nearby muddle

Nonetheless the heart pumped not skipping a beat

Shards of glasses pricked flesh yet nothing could be felt

Undone came world-weary innocence responsible for a massacre

Adrenaline rushed, walls collapsed and naked truth on exhibit

Crumbling in the pool of mud, deep-setted hazel eyes asked to sombre sky

Shed the veil of buzzing storm turning the earth so dark

Bring back the praise of Lord that is whispered by the gentle breeze

In the time of despair keeping hands over the ear

Not let any sound in to not let sanity disperse

Near a shell of bomb lay carcasses as memento cursed

Never reflecting upon repeated lessons taught by history

War brews war, war grows seven signs of sins

While Peace is buried away as a piece of mystery


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