In the course of sudden sun down

A gentle whisper is spoken under the blanket of midnight blue

Cares are exchanged and drinks are raised to health

Aloof was the one who was merry to all, The one who alone stood

Resonating with the conscience, like flicking a moth away

A certain distraction when the pest is not so easy to sway

A cry of laughter is benign though no sweeter then one’s own company

Where decision can be taken with one’s agreement

Where foot can falter and none forgotten

In the midst of crowd one can feel heart thumping

Such profound is the ones solitary, the ones isolation.

Then why a wild yawp leaves the clutches of the ones gut

And spills out of the mouth

Then why watching them chatter and mingle

Makes the ones winning a thorn crown

To hold to ones feeling and play out character like on stage

It seem so amusing in epitome of human emotion everything is fazed

In the end, the one is inclined to weep in ones bed under blanket of night

And solitary turn blaspheme when the Sun is missing in the universe of thine


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