Lit My Bonfire

I step out of my comfort zone

I step out of my home

A world of ignorance waiting for me

But I lit a bonfire

Surrounded by all these empty thoughts

An aide memoire to belief

Cunning and cutting existence

I have something to show you

So I lit the fire

Burnt my hesitance and endurance

You can now see from my bare eyes

The naked thoughts I carry

Like the wood burnt to bone white,

And then turn into ashes

I let you see my mind

Because I’m not waiting for crack of dawn

My bonfire will lit my night

It would be warm and blazing like a day

Yet I’m not terrified

I see you from my bare eyes

Not a quiver and tremble will escape you

Yet I’ll face you with my naked thoughts

Because I’m worthy of me

That no guilt and power can slew



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