At Your Door


I’m nowhere to be, I’ve nowhere to go

As the cold night that besieged me

I’m standing at front of your door

The strength I carried, I shan’t carry for long

The night had left me, I shan’t believe the twilight of morn

I’m supposed to be asleep in the cold bed of mine

Alas! Thou door is strait to the gate, my testament of holy divine.

Sheath of my skin is tingling amazed

My lips blew the puff of air

Trying to keep my sentiment in restrain

With the crease on brow

Willing to read the picture of my uncertainty

Thou mind speak beloved; but my heart is profanity

On the porch of yours I’ll sleep

The heavy sleep of grim

If you let your lips part

Speak no language of my sin

Just kiss my brow, lay with me for few hours

It will prolong my eternity, my forever and my Ever After


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