Tinted glass and Fluorescent lights

Tinted glass and fluorescent lights

Walls color of the rogue wine

Heart stumbled upon lay alone

In this gruesome scene of crime

You can wonder, you can suppose

But in your heart you will never know

A fable so old yet not sweet

A fair dream being redeemed

To cruel lust of which nobody knows

To callous greed that which inside grows

Like a vicious spine of vine

This story holds its thorns so fine

That has tore the soul and flesh of little boy

Still holding the memories of the past

Guarded by dark shadows holding him with a cast

The phantom of past is back again

Carrying the corpse of memories cradled in his hand

Where to run? Where to hide?

In the dark corner there is little plight

Mourning with sorrow is no choice

Praying for salvation is no choice

Mercy! Mercy! Can the torn heart cry?

While pulling a façade of ‘the defy’



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