The Blue House

Dirt spattered all over he walks with tattered shirt

Taking a swig from bottle he was hiding from faith

And Faith the darling girl was having her own merry way

Concealing herself as Hope she made him dream of lighter day

Dream gambled flickering like a flame; stakes are high pulling poker face

Drinking all of his desire in, dream plays an abominable game

Under turf of his mind, a pitch they have signed

Making mark on him a like a tattoo, turnin’ the house blue


Walls painted dark, shadows take over the mind

Heart changed the pace, has chained down the merry life

Every move forward leads to gambit of past

He lost the mortgage “Dream” ashamed eyes down cast


The blue house has revelled on ploy where everyone concedes

No Home for Mary, in here even God is deceived

Naive even I entered the scene, trapped in room of mirrors

My reflection is anathema to my believe

Faith the darling girl offers me her hand

Faith the darling girl wants to be my angel

But when hope takes a leaving, the angel falls

And trapped in the blue house, I’m in the care of the fallen angel






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