Nature and Sentient

Nine hours of sleep and the eyes are still blurry

Inaction of yesterday leaves body stiff and heart sourly

Birds on telephone pole looked quite content with fate

With every tree falls they become nomad, unbeknownst sage


The mind has started churning through a field brain cannot define

Heart to heart lovers-math still stuck in magnum of time

A thunder from mouth seals lips of naïve

Consider it undone as courage leaves the spine


Gravity has sunk in and yet the soul flies

Shower of stars are nickel-worthy under city sky

Somewhere nature crawls into system of spade

Aiming to bluff with poker face


A quake like emotions shakes up the nerves

Offering to take away peace a stickle bum

Nether mind leads defunct thoughts up for march

Let it fall on left shoulder ,bear-brunt by the heart


We forgive the mind and spin-up a new start

Yet heart remembers turning nature into new pin-up doll

Called S.O.S. and falling back to dream

It’s a men’s men world while sentient is asleep


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