Gunpowder on my hand

 No I didn’t kill anybody

And no I cannot explain blood splattered

Or the gunpowder on my hand

Yes! I will tell you what I did yesterday

I was on the sidewalk of a bridge

Alone, I was travelling back to home

Why is there gunpowder on my hand?

Everything blacked out in the shadowed street

Not a flicker of street lamp to light my way

I seem to be control, no I was no terrified

Before you found gunpowder on my hand

Then everything went blur

I heard a sniffle in distant

No I have no idea if it was me

Can I wash away gunpowder off my hand?

Yes I remember sound of footsteps

Crunching the pebbles on the road

The scent of lemon and soap

My eyes opened wide for a second

Before I blacked out

Let me wash away the gunpowder off my hand

No I was not under influence of any element

Either alcohol, marijuana or anything of any form

Did I kill a person?

Is it why I sit here with gunpowder on my hand?

Stop! The rounds of  questions

I don’t know any more

Stop! Don’t make me recall

I’m scared because I have gunpowder on my hand

Please give me a fresh shirt

I don’t want blood spattered on me

I reek and covered rogue, Can’t you see?

Please let it not be reason for gunpowder on my hand


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