Fear of Unknown

Step by step the heels clicked on marble floor

Sailing through the lobby stoic vision in control 

A door appears at the end of mysterious corridor

Did she dare to enter and again inhabit forlorn?


Behind the door is the verge of her solitary,

In the fest of life amongst people is her misery

She motions forward but is left immobile

Clamped in position undecided, an abomination to time


Manicured hand holds onto door knob

Still figuring out if its mind or heart that calls the shot

She breaks at the threshold swallowing her pride

Freedom in walls ,binding her body in gallant sigh


Scooping from her behind she holds on to the purse

She takes out a mirror and dab her eyes with thoughtful spur

Rogue lips, brown eyes both shuttered for anyone to realise

Evidence is the cuts inside her thighs

Will she make it out of her abusive youth to beautiful old life?


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