Journey or Destiny

♦Calculate the distance between love for journey and destiny

An answer will not suffice with the feeling of contentment

The mingling texture to hope for both is quite unwise

Yet forlorn heart is like lone lady on hummock waiting for lover

It desires the wishes touch to high, living on cloud nine♦

♦Unbeknownst willing slumber takes over

Known is the rational thought to wake up

To let the dream slip away, moonlit night to break way

Never to be hoper that destiny will suffice like journey

Or journey will suffice the sigh of reaching once destiny♦

♦A deferral to relaxation of mind

Set up a dramatic performance in the view of mine

Where destiny and journey can play the lead

But both are such Method actors that they are not easily appeased

A prolong memory keeps the road travelled in mind

While the destination is forever stable, definite and defined♦


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